The Oath Of Protection

Welcome to The Eagle First Special Edition — The Oath of Protection, Becoming Reputation-Ready — January 2022
The Oath of Protection is a special report on reputation challenges and opportunities in the beauty industry. It offers a knowledge base that will help you make decisions for your company’s future.

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Dear Ones,

I would like to offer you a special edition created to support your leadership apprenticeship. I trust the beneficial challenges of understanding the contexts and cultures in which we live, as we can nourish and transform our value proposition to resonate with our customers, our employees, our stakeholders.

This special report will open up knowledge, insights and candid conversations on reputation — how to protect it, womanhood, and how to serve it — and our company’s future if we work with, engage and sell to women.

We all know how the pandemic has pushed everyone into an “urgent” environment, where we have been forced to engage in many difficult conversations around key societal issues, from labor and consumer protections to company ethics, inequalities, and climate change. And, more often than we would like to acknowledge, we did not have the “tools” to understand the change happening in front of us.

But behind this unease lies the great opportunity to stretch our leadership skills, learn more about what is going on — and why — so we can make the necessary adjustments that allow us to serve our clients the way they ask.

I have been a strategy consultant and a business thinker for the last 20 years. Through my consulting projects around the world and my writing — from Harvard Business Review articles to various other publications — I help companies and their leaders minimize risks, and I provide the necessary tools and insights to maximize opportunities.

As a woman in consulting, my mission is to ensure that women’s voices are heard, respected, and understood, in order for companies to properly address women’s needs and wants. When we listen, when we understand, we do better.

And, more than ever before, women want to be known by society, by companies, by men inside these companies. As companies, you can resist this change, or you can empower it. Your choice will determine your relevance, and so your survival, for the next decade.

The Oath of Protection Report is the result of my expertise in branding management and reputation protection as well as my experience of the transformative journey of embracing womanhood in its most profound meaning.

It’s an answer to the question you’re asking (or should be): How To Protect Our Companies Better While Serving Our Female Consumers.

In order for CEOs and C-level Executives at international brands to find new ways to protect their businesses, our report unfolds in two parts,

  • To meet and understand from the forecasting of socio-cultural trends, a potent and powerful change in womanhood that is reshaping society for the better.

Being a leader requires a journey consisting of many steps on a path that takes us down a winding road of constant evolution.

Becoming aware is the first step.

The second is trusting the power of mutuality and co-creation: May this document open more curiosity, exchange, nourishment, and, hopefully, collaboration. I am here to help.

This special report is available as an e-reader version for both desktop and mobile. It is also available as a free downloadable PDF.

Thank you.





Head of Strategy with innovation on the brain and a focus on creating safe and thriving business environments.

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Laurence Duarte

Head of Strategy with innovation on the brain and a focus on creating safe and thriving business environments.